Backup & Synchronize to Disk, Tape and the Cloud: Archiware P5

Available for every need and at home on all platforms.

Here comes the fully comprehensive security for your data from Archiware

The modular P5 from Archiware enables flexible expansion of the licensing model and is able to handle all important platforms. And the German software offers a uniform user interface across all classes.

The browser-based interface of the P5 Suite ensures the highest possible user-friendliness. Their structure follows the same structure in each module. This also minimizes the training in the universal software. Step-by-step instructions guide you through the creation of backup plans from the very first opening. This way the first backup is checked off after only a few minutes. And of course, the system can be set up so that the P5 web interface can be accessed from anywhere.

Archiware is recommended as the means of choice to backup and synchronize

  • Universal: P5 software runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, QNAP, Synology and TrueNAS / FreeNAS. This way you protect your investment, as the software can be moved to another system at any time.
  • Integrative: Universal compatibility allows the P5 Suite to adapt to your existing storage environment. The acquisition of special storage hardware is not necessary.
  • Modular: The P5 Suite comes with a single installer that includes all modules. This way modules can be added at any time and without reinstallation.
Backup & Synchronize to Disk, Tape and the Cloud: Archiware P5

Support for RAID, SAN, XSAN, NAS and iSCSI storage

Use existing hardware sensibly

Universal compatibility allows the P5 Suite to adapt to your existing storage environment. The acquisition of special hardware is not necessary. Resources can be used for several modules simultaneously – for example, a tape library for P5 Backup and P5 Archive. If necessary, resources can be reallocated to adapt to changing requirements – without reinstallation and with little administrative effort. Archiware also offers support from in-house experts. Support and maintenance are free for the first 12 months.

Backup & Synchronize to Disk, Tape and the Cloud: Archiware P5

P5 Archives

Offline migration to disk, tape and cloud

It allows data to be migrated offline to disk, tape or to the cloud. P5 can be set up in minutes and is platform independent. Thanks to storage in platform-neutral format, data can be restored on any platform.

Backup & Synchronize to Disk, Tape and the Cloud: Archiware P5

P5 Backup

Server data saved on disk and tape

P5 Backup secures servers on disk, tape and cloud. Backup and restore work across platforms on Mac, Linux, Windows, Synology, QNAP and FreeNAS. In the interaction of all modules you achieve comprehensive data security.

Sichern & Synchronisieren auf Disk, Band und in die Cloud: Archiware P5

P5 Synchronize

Highly available mirroring of the server data

Servers, RAID, Xsan or SAN systems are cloned and immediately available as failover protection. Through the browser-based interface a synchronization can be set up within minutes. Furthermore, P5 (X)San and FSEvents are supported.

P5 Backup2Go

Security for notebooks and desktops

In the office, on the road or at home, Backup2Go enables cross-platform mobile backups to a central disk storage. It even tolerates interruptions during the backup process and resumes it as soon as the connection is restored. And even interrupted backups can be restored.

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