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We have a history – milestones in a corporate chronicle

As a storage integrator and value-added distributor, we have grown over the decades. In this way we have acquired expertise and competence.

Milestones of a storage biography

An experienced partner for storage and servers in the data center

Storage is our passion, data security our duty, and high availability an absolute priority: Starline has overcome many hurdles over the course of time and has developed and adapted. Only in this way could we become the successful server and storage manufacturer on which so many system houses trust today.

These lively partnerships in turn allow us today to penetrate new niches, balance markets and occupy fields. This applies in particular to our long-standing cooperation with suppliers and manufacturers.

However, our greatest treasure is our employees, some of whom have already celebrated their twentieth anniversary in our company. It is their experience and competence that enables Starline to develop, build and distribute new product lines. Here is a selection of important milestones with partners, employees and successful products from the foundation to the present day.

  • Storage experience since 1982
  • Many trusted partners
  • Trained and competent employees
  • Suppliers of high-quality products
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Events, achievements and partnerships

Outstanding events from the Starline history

That’s how we became who we are: Over the decades, Starline Computer GmbH has grown to become a constant in the storage and server business. Here are our milestones.

  • 1982 Foundation of “Computer Speichersysteme GmbH” in Leinfelden/Echterdingen near Stuttgart
  • 1990 Computer Speichersysteme GmbH” becomes “Starline Computer GmbH
  • 1990 The current managing director Carsten Wilde takes off at Starline
  • 1992 Development of SCSI storage solutions with parallel interface
  • 1994 Starline introduces the first Infortrend SCSI RAID controllers to the European market
  • 1997 Starline presents the first ATA hard disk-based RAID systems from easyRAID
  • 2001 Relocation of the company headquarters to Kirchheim unter Teck into larger premises
  • 2003 Starline brings the first internal Areca RAID systems to the European market
  • 2004 Starline introduces the first RAID Level-6 PCI controllers from Areca
  • 2005 QLogic honors Starline as “EMEA Signature Partner” of the year
  • 2005 Expansion of the company headquarters with additional office and storage space
  • 2008 Starline launches the first NASdeluxe iSCSI/NAS systems
  • 2009 Foundation of the “Enterprise Storage Solutions” department to provide customers with comprehensive advice on complex storage solutions
  • 2009 Starline becomes direct partner of Toshiba
  • 2010 Starline becomes VMware Partner “Enterprise Solution Provider
  • 2010 Starline launches the first Zealbox servers based on Supermicro
  • 2011 Open-E honours Starline as the first European “Gold Partner”
  • 2012 Starline becomes DataCore partner “Systembuilder”
  • 2012 Starline becomes direct partner of Seagate
  • 2012 Veeam awards Starline with the “Veeam Gold Pro Partner” status
  • 2013 Starline becomes a “Citrix Ready Partner”
  • 2014 Dr. Tim Ganser joins the company as managing director
  • 2014 Infortrend celebrates its 20th anniversary with Starline as its most experienced distributor
  • 2015 The Zealbox servers from Starline are certified for DataCore, FalconStor, VMware and Windows Server 2016
  • 2015 Starline becomes “DataCore Silver Solution Partner
  • 2016 Starline becomes first “Open-E Platinum Partner” worldwide
  • 2017 Employees from sales and production achieve 20 years of service
  • 2017 Starline delivers first GPU server
  • 2018 Starline becomes “DataCore Gold Partner
  • 2018 Starline presents first object storage solution at the “Ceph Days 2018 Germany
  • 2018 Two employees from the sales department celebrate their 25th anniversary
  • 2018 Starline’s quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001
  • 2019 Starline celebrates 25 years of partnership with Infortrend
  • 2019 Starline presents its ceph solutions for the first time at the CloudFest in Rust
  • 2020 Starline receives “Best Customer Retention 2019” award from DataCore
  • 2020 Revision of the Corporate Identity with new logo
  • 2020 The new website goes live
  • 2021 Raphael Leyrer joins the management of Starline
  • 2022 Starline takes over exclusive distribution of Archiware P5 in D/A/CH region
  • 2022 NPS over 90 for the first time in the semi-annual customer satisfaction survey

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Your advantages with Starline

Highly Competent

Experienced and trained technicians do performance and functional checks and offer quick help in case of failure.

Highly Experienced

Starline has been active in the sector since 1982 and is a specialist in all aspects of data storage. 

High Availability

Sales: You can reach us weekdays from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm (Fr. 4:30 pm). Support: Assistance from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (Fr. 4:30 pm) 

Comprehensive Project Support

Starline assists from the planning stage through to the implementation of the system.

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