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Success stories from and with Starline and its partners

Not only our customers automatically become partners - their customers are also important to us. After all, our job is not finished after the construction of a server or storage. We also make sure that our systems work in your productive environment and support them - if necessary - on site.

Case studies of success

Because the foundation of a good and long-standing business relationship is trust. That is why we do everything to satisfy our customers. This creates a sustainable basis for continuing to receive orders.

As proof of this – and not without pride – we present here our published success stories on the subject of support, customer care and aftercare.

Read about the water intrusion into the server room, the memory upgrade at Constantin or the Areca adventures at the South Pole.

  • Enterprise quality in consulting and order implementation
  • Preconfigured systems and smooth commissioning
  • Selected product quality and support
  • Tested goods and trained staff
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Tape changer successfully changed

LTO-9 upgrade: Even tape changers reach their limits at some point. Munich-based media company received prompt support from Starline.

VMShutdownManager takes the fear out of power failure

Is your IT on strike after a power outage and your sales are at a standstill for the whole day? We have documented the solution here.

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Starline saves documentary ensemble from total loss in archive

Successful support is the most effective way to demonstrate competence: Starline saves filmmakers from archive disaster.

Controller firmware causes complete failure

Support-Deluxe: Existential malfunction of a controller was quickly fixed by us and all affected customers were informed afterwards.

Starline Support - Technical care for our customers

Our technical department is a master of their profession. They have spent countless hours measuring transfer rates, checking compatibilities and performing burn-in tests.

Starline Metro Cluster with Open-E JovianDSS

Internationally positioned provider of media management and publishing software relies on Starline Metro Cluster with Open-E JovianDSS.

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Open-E, Starline and CKNS light up radiology

Radiological, nuclear medical and radiotherapy treatments require a stable and high-performance storage system as a matter of principle.

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IT provision enables effective health care

Hospital Information System (HIS) at Grünstadt Hospital successfully moved: Everything remote - during ongoing operation - without any downtime.

KATEK Group Memmingen relies on total solution from Starline

IT retread for electronics heavyweight: KATEK Group Memmingen opts for total solution from Starline: Hardware, software and service.

Fallstudie CS Wieder
Storage and performance including federal state funding

High-availability HCI environment with a hefty grant from the Free State: Central Service Wieder and Starline conclude contract in a customer-friendly manner.

Starline achieves price-performance victory

As a specialist in ERP solutions, the GUS ERP Group needed countless virtual machines for ongoing customer projects. Starline quickly doubles its capacities.

All-flash NVME server inspires post-production

You would like to process parallel video streams with real-time comfort by using the right hardware equipment? We build the right server for you.

TrueNAS Storage Server Case Study with LTO Protection

A new server, a coherent backup solution and an emergency power supply will please photo and video professionals with high data volumes.

Archiware Starline Video Case Study

A moving image example of how we effectively backed up creative media professionals using the Archiware P5 backup suite and LTO technology.

Our easyRAID runs and runs and runs

Do you still have old hardware in use? You will receive competent support from us even years after the warranty of your hardware has expired.

10,000 support tickets in 4 years

Our technicians are ready to help customers with advice and support in the event of hard-/software problems or other complications.

Triple secured: With Starline on Mars mission

We have satisfied a comparison portal for products from Germany with a solution that protects data in three ways – even in the cloud.

Starline breathes new life into 13-year-old storage system

Starline took care of the storage system that had long since expired under warranty and even got the server of a third-party supplier up and running.

Starline makes machine builder's storage systems up and running again

SIMTEK needed a system refresh to ensure a smooth workflow and effective backup: A power injection for precision tool manufacturer.

Active-Active configuration via Open-E on a weekend

Upgrade without downtime: The system weakness in an older installation was followed by a subsequent upgrade for ha virtualization solution in record time.

Water ingress in the server room

The fact that the Austrian video specialist still managed to avoid this super disaster is thanks to the competent help from Starline technology.

High performance with Infortrend ensured for hospital

Together with partner Feha Büro-Technik, Starline accelerates patient management at the Dillingen-Wertingen clinics with Infortrend upgrade.

Constantin Film topping up with hardware from Starline Postproduction

Media workers take up a lot of space with modern film formats. With a noble RAID, we were again able to provide enough storage space for post-production.

Areca hardware enables rough Antarctic use

Our small storage systems help the creative people on site to empty their memory cards on the one hand but also to store cut versions.

Thunderbolt storage system for GSVI from Starline

Secure via RAID – fast through TB3 on MacBook: We also have a lot of exciting products for the Mac – especially with Thunderbolt 3

Grueppen computer network brought to life

When the ever-increasing demand for storage and network performance makes infrastructures appear outdated, it is about time to turn to Starline.

Starline accelerates document management with Open-E

The high volume of documents required a system update in the active-active iSCSI HA Cluster at the law firm Kapellmann und Partner.

More storage for "Tatort", "Traumschiff" & Co.

To ensure that the well-known film studio does not run out of memory, Kuckenberg Technologies installed 400 terabytes from Starline.

Textbooks hosted on reliable TopRAID systems

Our VMware-certified storage hardware forms the new core of a virtual library for many textbook projects – protection via Veeam included.

Solution for Wittich Medien replaces 20 servers

With highly available storage and also tiering of VMs over SSDs and hard disks to a modern VMware solution for publishing house.

These clients already trust us

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Bernd Widmaier

Sales manager and expert in vertical markets and in Mac, video storage and media streaming.