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Open-E, Starline and CKNS light up radiology

Radiological, nuclear medical and radiotherapy treatments require a stable and high-performance storage system as a matter of principle.

30 Jahre Starlinekl
Andreas Freisen - 30th anniversary at Starline

Starline congratulates project manager Andreas Freisen for 30 years of active commitment to the company.

Monitor Netphone calls with Checkmk

With the monitoring tool Checkmk you can record the active calls of a Swyx/Netphone server.

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NVMe SSDs from the 9400 PRO and 9400 MAX series by Micron

Performance winners for demanding workloads in the data centre: Micron 9400 PRO or 9400 MAX.

PW-mit Zertifikat
Patrick Weber is new DCIE for DataCore Swarm

Our technician, Patrick Weber, has successfully completed the DataCore Certified Implementation Engineer for Swarm (DCIE) training.

DataCore Award Starlinekl
Starline awarded again by DataCore: Best Customer Retention 2022

Starline has again received DataCore's "Best Customer Retention" award for the past year 2022.

Securely erase data media - How to nuke HDDs and SSDs

Securely erase data media: Learn how to safely protect the data on your decommissioned HDDs or SSDs here.

NVMe & Ceph united: Ambedded Mars500

In addition to the SATA-equipped Ceph appliance Mars400, Ambedded has now also launched the NVMe version Mars500.

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IT provision enables effective health care

Hospital Information System (HIS) at Grünstadt Hospital successfully moved: Everything remote - during ongoing operation - without any downtime.

Shut down servers and VMs in a structured way

The VMShutdownManager ensures a smooth restart after planned maintenance or a failure due to malfunction.

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Infortrend end of year 2022 promo

Software for free - systems with up to 25% discount! Infortrend is donating software and offering generous discounts until the end of the year.

KATEK Group Memmingen relies on total solution from Starline

IT retread for electronics heavyweight: KATEK Group Memmingen opts for total solution from Starline: Hardware, software and service.

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