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What else you should know about us and about us. We have summarized interesting articles for you here.

How to install TrueNAS CORE

Step-by-step instructions for the installation and initial configuration of a TrueNAS CORE Storage Server.

Small Areca Thunderbolt RAID Guide

Facts about the ARC-8050 series from Areca, which are particularly appreciated by users from the media industry.

Girls' Day @ Starline - a successful event

Our version of Girls' Day: Starline offered the four young women taking part an informative day of action and fun.

5Jahre Garantie Overland
Overland-Tandberg NEOxl 40 Promo until the end of July 2024

Overland-Tandberg is now giving away two additional years of Gold Service with the purchase of a NEOxl 40 tape library.

Infortrend EonStor GS 5024UE(2)
New unified NVMe storage: Infortrend EonStor GS 5024UE

With the new EonStor GS 5000 series, you can now tackle AI and HPC applications with high performance via NVMe-oF.

Box open
New in the program: Transport case / storage box

The sturdy containers generally protect your valuable IT during transportation and are also perfect for storage.

GFS Rotation Header
What is meant by GFS rotation?

Organised tape change: With GFS rotation, you can achieve a largely seamless sequence of your backups.

ATTO 8100
Serverless air gapping from Starline partner ATTO

ATTO has designed an iSCSI-to-SAS bridge to operate individual tape drives - without a server - over long distances via Ethernet.

Do SSDs forget their data without power?

Although this is a less common scenario, it does happen: Is there data loss when powerless SSDs are extended?

The next generation of virtual security

Made in Europe since 2008: Proxmox Virtual Environment – a powerful virtualization platform for VMs and containers.

VMShutdownManager Webinar Logo k
VMShutdownManager Webinar in April

On April 17, you can learn more about the automated shutdown and restart of complex storage, server and data center environments.

Proxmox Webinar
Proxmox webinar wrap-up

Would you like to watch our Proxmox VE webinar again or did you miss it? No problem. It is available here.

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