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Free, safe, traceable

Open Source Storage Software is not a flaw – on the contrary

Open Source Storage Software: Open-minded for everything useful

With our free solutions we offer you the best of all worlds: Swarm intelligence paired with industrial quality.

Whether Firefox, VLC or Openoffice – these are success models of a special kind. Because these open source programs have made history in the software sector. And there are countless other examples of successful and open source software – especially Linux. So open source is by no means a work of bored programmers. It is also interesting not only because it is available free of charge, but also because source openness brings with it a degree of security.

Open Source Storage Software from and for experts

After all, the editable source code can be checked, changed and extended. In contrast, the commercial programs are therefore only available as compiled binary files. Even participation is the order of the day in the open source community and therefore offers the opportunity to let your wishes flow into the community.

  • Safe entry
  • Cost-optimized
  • Tried and tested many times
  • Cooperation possible

Open Software – Enterprise Hardware

Free software platforms for professionals

For this purpose, Starline relies on open source storage software on tried and tested systems. These are supported by a solid community and actually meet professional demands.

For example: Ceph, PetaSAN or FreeNAS. In other words, tried and tested software that has been improved over generations.

  • Free and developed software
  • Optimized for continuous operation
  • Hardware in industrial quality
  • Professional support

Your benefits

Why open source solutions from Starline?

Highly Competent

Experienced and trained technicians do performance and functional checks and offer quick help in case of failure.

Innovative products

Our product managers and technicians are constantly searching for sophisticated server and storage products.

Large Stock

Starline maintains a high level of spare parts and is therefore able to supply spare parts long after the warranty period has expired. 

Comprehensive Project Support

Starline assists from the planning stage through to the implementation of the system.

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Open Source Team

Our experts for Linux, Ceph and ZFS.