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Our small storage systems help the creative people on site to empty their memory cards on the one hand but also to store cut versions.

Help for amazing penguin-dokus on Arte

Areca hardware enables rough Antarctic use

Nature filmmakers Laurent Ballesta and Vincent Munier made two great contributions for Arte about life in the Antarctic. However, the photographers were able to store the enormous amount of raw data in 4K resolution and 360-degree panoramic view using powerful Areca hardware from Starline.

  • Three ARC-8050T2 from Areca
  • Two ARC-5026 from Areca
  • Thunderbolt interface
  • Easy handling

With Areca at the South Pole

Robust professional equipment in practice

The most fascinating but at the same time most hostile habitats on earth are at the poles - especially at the South Pole with an average temperature of an unbelievable minus 55 degrees Celsius. 

These extreme temperatures - combined with icy winds and high drought - determine the climate and nevertheless cause problems for humans and animals. But this also applies to IT hardware. It also had to continue to function safely at the remote French research station Dumont d'Urville.

The French nature photographers Laurent Ballesta and Vincent Munier used the reliable RAID systems from Areca for the mastering of their documentaries "Antarctica: The Journey of the Penguins" and "Antarctica: Life at the Limit". (The videos are available on YouTube, by the way) Among others, three ARC-8050T2 and two ARC-5026 from Areca at the South Pole were used for this purpose. They were therefore prepared and set up by the French IT consulting company Solyme.

A RAID system in the Antarctic

The slim systems enable the problem-free storage of large amounts of data through two Thunderbolt 2 interfaces. This is possible with them in a MAC as well as in a Windows environment. The built-in RAID controller takes over the safe storage of the data. In practice, Thunderbolt makes it easier to handle the technology in this sense. 

The Intel standard initially also simplifies the cabling of downstream components via daisy chaining. It also connects all devices connected to it with a very high data rate of up to 20 Gbps. (In the new edition with Thunderbolt 3 it is now even 40 Gbps).

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