Virtualization and storage platform

Hochverfügbare Active-Active Aufrüstung mit Open-E

Upgrade ohne Downtime in der Produktion

Not only with two NASdeluxe systems, but also with the DSS V7 storage operating system from Open-E Software, Starline created the technical requirements for a highly available and high-performance virtualization solution.

  • Two NASdeluxe Systems NDL-4124R/L
  • Active-Active iSCSI/NFS failover
  • Open-E DSS V7
  • Annual average availability of 99.97

Active-Active iSCSI/NFS-Failover mit Open-E

Alte Virtualisierungs- und Storage-Plattform abgelöst

Virtualization and storage platform
NASdeluxe NDL-4124R/L systems with Active-Active iSCSI/NFS failover

An inspection by the IT consultant and service provider CamData at a manufacturer of stamping cylinders based in the Lower Rhine region showed that the old virtualization platform and also its storage systems had to be replaced. The outdated setup was therefore replaced by the company CamData GmbH in cooperation with Starline. In order to cover the growing memory requirements in the future, the following main requirements were therefore placed on the new system:

  • Scalability
  • High performance
  • High data security
  • Extensibility
  • Outsourcing the backup to the CamData data centre

The requirements, however, were completely fulfilled by two new NASdeluxe systems with Open-E DSS V7 software from Starline. Finally, NASdeluxe systems offer Active-Active iSCSI/NFS failover. As a result, higher performance values were achieved as well as high availability. By operating with RAID level 6, the experts also reached a high internal data security.

Active-Active with Open-E

Through the outsourcing of the file server and Starline’s professional advice, the customer receives a scalable, cost-effective and high-performance solution.

Sebastian Glenewinkel, CamData GmbH

The team then implemented the system in a very short time. CamData GmbH set up the virtualisation environment in parallel in the computer centre and put it into operation there. After a successful test phase, the technicians copied the important data and finally put the system into production. The changeover to the new environment then took place in a single weekend without any problems. Thanks to Starline’s solution, operations could therefore continue in the mirrored data centre with its own network backup system and an annual average availability of 99.97%.

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