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TrueNAS/FreeNAS storage server with LTO protection

A new server, a coherent backup solution and an emergency power supply will please photo and video professionals with high data volumes.

Happy with new technology

Storage Workflow with TrueNAS, Archiware P5, Overland/Tandberg and Cyberpower

Starline is helping a photo and film specialist in the advertising industry to get a much-needed revamp of its storage workflow.

  • Redundant storage via TrueNAS with the secure ZFS file system
  • Huge archive capacities with Overland/Tandberg LTO-8 Library
  • Automated backup via Archiware P5 through defined job list
  • Protection of data still to be written by Cyberpower USV

Suitable solution integrated in no time

Performance and security with TrueNAS, Archiware and Overland/Tandberg

The aging security and storage concept of Werbefotografie Weiss GmbH could barely keep up with the rapid influx of orders in the spring of 2021. After all, the specialist for high-resolution photos and videos not only produces extraordinarily creative content, but also vast amounts of raw data. 

Until now, the technicians solved the dilemma with a mobile hard disk. As a manual snapshot, so to speak – as well as a monthly tape backup via LTO-6 drive.

The increasingly high demands on the existing system and the time-consuming procedure in the processing led to the fact that quickly a new solution was searched for. And so the company went into the trustful support of Starline in person of sales manager Bernd Widmaier. 

The sales professional had always advised him well up to that point and he also remembered the Starline support well. A few phone calls and disappointing offers from market participants later, the concept was ready.

With experience to the right setup

The original NAS systems are to be replaced by a TrueNAS/FreeNAS storage server with Intel XEON CPU, 512 GB RAM and 20 HDDs with 16 TB each. The generously dimensioned 4U case with 36 drive bays would also provide enough reserves for later upgrades. From now on, an LTO-8 library from Overland/Tandberg will take care of the backup work automated by Archiware P5. 

Last but not least, two Cyberpower uninterruptible power supplies ensure safety in the event of a power failure. They ensure that the storage server can be shut down in time. In addition, the library has time to complete its backup tasks.


TrueNAS successfully integrated with LTO technology

On site, the long-standing Starline partner dve advanced systems GmbH took care of the customer. So they integrated the new components into the existing system. Bernd Widmaier recommended this company. He had already successfully completed video editing and post-production projects with them. 

And here too, dve completed the migration with coherent planning additions and introduced new role-based access control along the way. In the end, the manual backup workflow became a fully automated one with plenty of room for improvement.

Service advantages

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At Werbefotografie Weiss GmbH, ten teams of photographers and filmmakers work together in four studios covering an area of over 1400 m². With fresh ideas, a lot of creativity, solid craftsmanship and a feeling for motifs, professional photo and video productions are celebrated there.


dve advanced systems GmbH specializes in technical solutions for film, video and broadcast postproduction. The company’s portfolio includes in particular workflow solutions for VFX, grading and storage infrastructures.


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Bernd Widmaier

Sales manager and expert in vertical markets and in Mac, video storage and media streaming.