Infortrend NAS solution with growth ambitions

Consistent expansion – constant increase

The EonStor CS series from Infortrend excels as a scale-out NAS storage solution. It enables companies to handle growing data volumes in the future through scalable capacity – including increasing performance.

The CS Series resilience provides an easy and cost-effective option for managing growing data capacity in agile organizations. It also reduces the resulting performance bottlenecks of the overall system.

The EonStor CS series also improves data utilization and simplifies data management by integrating data from all nodes into a cluster system. Its superior performance and scalability therefore recommends the CS Series for data-intensive industries and applications. Especially media and entertainment (M&E), high performance computing (HPC), video surveillance, file sharing and backup can therefore benefit from the high flexibility.

NAS solution for special cases

With EonStor CS companies get a sophisticated tool for storage expansion and data migration. The CS Series can keep up with the growth of the company, providing an optimized data storage and management solution for this purpose. To protect extremely critical data, EonStor CS also offers the data protection mechanism SED (Self-Encrypting Drive) and WORM (Write Once Read Many). WORM is particularly useful for companies that are looking for a cost-effective way to store data securely, because data stored in this way cannot be deleted, edited, overwritten or damaged.

  • High performance I/O capabilities
  • Elastic scaling
  • Load balancing
  • Massive data storage
EonStor CS series from Infortrend

High availability par excellence

RAID in one of its most stable forms

Infortrend’s unique RAID technology also protects data from disk damage. It supports powerful data protection mechanisms such as Replica and Erasure Coding. However, the integrated self-healing function immediately takes effect to restore data from faulty nodes. And as a result, the data is recovered across all nodes.

A secure NAS from CS series from Infortrend

Bundled network interfaces not only ensure the aggregation of bandwidth, but also prevent the failure of a single path within the network. In addition, the EonStor CS series also features a redundant hardware component design, including PSU and fan module.

These components are modular to facilitate maintenance of the components. Last but not least the firmware of the EonStor CS components can be updated without downtime of the cluster to ensure the continuity of the services.

NAS with EonStor CS series from Infortrend

High Performance on announcement

The CS series grows with and through its tasks

As a scale-out NAS storage system, the EonStor CS series achieves up to 100+ Gbps read/write speeds and more than 100 PB of storage by adding additional nodes to the cluster system. In this way, the requirements for future data growth can also be met.

In addition, special algorithms distribute the data evenly to all nodes in the system via auto-balancing. And if a large number of users need to access data simultaneously, the system splits the workload by parallel processing. This measure resolves the problem of performance limitation to individual nodes and ultimately effectively improves access efficiency.

EonStor CS series: NAS from Infortrend

High security SED and WORM

Special securities for important data

To secure extremely critical data, Infortrend has integrated SED- (Self-Encrypting Drive) and WORM- (Write Once Read Many) into the EonStor CS line. SED protects confidential data from hackers and malware. It automatically performs full disk encryption when a write job is performed using the embedded key. Encrypted data is decrypted again when read.

WORM is especially useful for companies that have high demands on the archiving of their data. With this cost-effective variant for storing archive data, the data cannot be subsequently deleted, edited, overwritten or damaged.

EonStor CS series from Infortrend

Easily administered, securely managed

NAS solution with successful handling

With the EonStor CS family Infortrend achieves a simplified deployment of cluster systems as well as their administration afterwards. This applies to both hardware and software design.

The management software EonOne for CS, for example, offers an intuitive user interface that centrally commands multiple systems, monitors performance and capacities and executes all related system configurations.

On the hardware side, a wireless and modular design ensures that nodes can be expanded or expansion enclosures added without interrupting system operation.


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