Enterprise scale-out iSCSI Ceph Cluster with flair

A professional iSCSI Ceph solution with PetaSAN

Our cluster solution PetaSAN runs on enterprise-class x86 hardware, can be expanded variably and grows with your tasks. In other words: With each additional unit, not only the capacity but also the performance increases. PetaSAN has also already implemented modern cloud-based technologies.

But not only the elasticity and agility of the Ceph-System pleases the administrators: Additional nodes can be added at any time and without interruption. It is basically designed to provide the user with highly available, clustered iSCSI hard disks. For example, iSCSI disks can be assigned multiple access paths, each identifiable by its virtual IP address.

PetaSAN is ideal for deployments that require many parallel I/O operations such as Microsoft Hyper-V deployments, VMware vSphere systems, MS Scale Out File Server (SOFS), Big Data Analytics, database servers or simply Ceph-based iSCSI.

  • Ceph-based iSCSI
  • Suitable for Hyper-V, vSphere and SOFS
  • State-of-the-art and freely scalable SDS
  • Self-adapting and self-healing system with high reliability
PetaSAN iSCSI Ceph

Modern HA Ceph cluster on solid x86 hardware

Flexible iSCSI Ceph system for every platform

PetaSAN can be set up variably. Storage and monitor nodes (OSD and MON) can be installed together or planted in separate enclosures. This allows a cost-effective system to be configured that runs on established x86 hardware. The administrator can define the number of replicas to be kept. However, Starline recommends always storing a total of three copies of the user data on the system.

  • Compatible with x86 hardware
  • Separate storage and monitor nodes possible
  • Number of replicas adjustable
  • Cloud connection via S3 (under development)
PetaSAN iSCSI Ceph

Easy administration through PetaSAN interface

Enterprise iSCSI Ceph Cluster installed with a few clicks

PetaSAN helps to simplify the life of the system administrator through a clear user interface. The installation takes place in six steps. However, power users can also get their money’s worth with full command line access if they wish.

  • Point-and-click management
  • Installed in six steps
  • Full overview of the running cluster
  • Console administration possible


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