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Help via remote help

Immediate help with server problems through our Quicksupport

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Remote support can quickly solve many of your problems: without further ado, the bugs are solved.

Starline supports you directly and quickly via TeamViewer QS (QuickSupport) in case of problems. With this special tool our technician looks directly at your screen. He can therefore carry out an error analysis on the spot, help with the configuration of the system concerned or run diagnostic programs.

TeamViewer QS does not even need to be installed. It can be deleted again after the session without leaving any residue. Since this TeamViewer module does not require administrator rights, it is ready for use within seconds and our support staff can immediately take care of your problem: Just download, start, send ID and password, done (see below).

We charge this special service by a trained specialist in the respective required area at fair conditions every quarter of an hour.

To receive Starline QuickSupport it is necessary to:

Remark: Depending on the operating system, the download will be automatically done for Windows or macOS. 
The QuickSupport Client does not install any software on your pc and will only be active during the session.

Any questions? Please contact us.

Konrad Beyer
Technical Support

Our technical manager has a comprehensive knowledge of all storage and server topics.