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DataCore Swarm: object(ive) stored favorably

Software-defined object memory with excellent options

Secure protection and instant retrieval of your data without complex storage management

Software-defined object memory with excellent options

In addition to SDS convenience via classic block storage with SANsymphony and container storage with OpenEBS , DataCore also offers a platform designed for object storage called Swarm. The intelligent software creates space so that your cold data doesn’t overload the fast storage systems, saving you a lot of money.

  • Scalable platform on any x86 hardware
  • Automated storage and infrastructure management down to the PB level
  • Web-based user interface and API for managing billions of files
  • Extensible architecture with support for Amazon S3 API and other third-party APIs
  • Effective algorithms eliminate the need for backups of Swarm data

Protection for important content

Under Swarm, you can redundantly back up your data using replication or erasure coding , depending on your protection needs. This can be achieved at one or at several locations. In doing so, the private cloud solution focuses on speedy data recovery so you can access your files without interruption.

Of course, this data is also protected by AES-256 encryption. Even compliance features such as WORM, Integrity Seals and Legal Hold are already integrated in Swarm.


Simple and flexible scaling

For Swarm installation it is sufficient to hang the server via PXE boot(Preboot Execution Environment) in the network. The software brings the operating system and all necessary services directly. It also runs resource-efficiently in RAM and keeps the majority of all available HDD and SSD capacities free for the data to be stored.

Swarm works on any standard hardware or disk size and is also equipped for high availability. The software supports both hot-plug drives and adding and removing disks or even entire servers from the network.

For example, if a server is to be replaced, it is sufficient to declare it as“Retire“. Swarm gradually moves the data from the machine being retired to other systems in the cluster automatically. This allows the administrator to replace an aging server in a timely manner.

In addition, Swarm enables an uninterrupted rolling upgrade of the complete software stack. Thanks to flexible operation, you can even add mandates and locations at any time.


Storage, clients and content easily managed

Through the native HTTP 1.1-based interface, Swarm provides access to the Amazon S3 API. This gives you a foundation for new storage services. The intuitive content portal allows you to access your files from anywhere via S3/HTTP. So you can share, stream and edit documents at will.

Swarm supports data access via NFS through the included SwarmFS interface. Or use Swarm as secondary storage to offload data to Swarm via SMB from Windows Server, NetApp, or Dell EMC Isilon using DataCore FileFly.


24/7 support via DataCore – serviced by Starline

We supply everything you need for a Swarm object store and will be there whenever you need us. Starline support is available five days a week for eight hours, and DataCore itself even supports you around the clock on the software side.


Sample installation: Swarm supports video streaming and video-on-demand (VOD) workflows


Your benefits

Powerful SDS solutions for block, file and object storage from professionals

Starline has stood for quality in the storage sector since 1982. We are at your side with our decades of experience in data storage and server systems.

Personal Contact Person

At Starline, you have a personal and fixed contact person who takes care of you.

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Sales: You can reach us weekdays from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm (Fr. 4:30 pm). Support: Assistance from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (Fr. 4:30 pm) 

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The shipment goes out immediately after the order is placed. Our production assembles servers and storage systems in no time.

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Experienced and trained technicians do performance and functional checks and offer quick help in case of failure.

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Starline assists from the planning stage through to the implementation of the system.

Highly Experienced

Starline has been active in the sector since 1982 and is a specialist in all aspects of data storage. 

Financing Options

Starline is also a leasing partner for its customers. Benefit from this flexibility to shorten your innovation cycles.

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Our excellent email support and technical hotline are free of charge for our customers.

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