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More storage for “Tatort”, “Traumschiff” & others in post production

To ensure that the renowned Studio Hamburg Postproduction does not run out of storage, Kuckenberg Technologies consequently installed 400 terabytes from Starline.

Storage space for film & television from Starline

An FC infrastructure and storage for post-production

Studio Hamburg Postproduction is one of the most prominent service centres for both film and television in Germany. At an early stage, the “Tatort” producers entrusted the service provider Kuckenberg Technologies with the planning of a powerful and, moreover, reliable RAID system. This was the requirement profile of the specialists from Studio Hamburg for the new RAID system:

  • Easy integration into a Fibre Channel StorNext SAN
  • High storage capacity
  • Subsequent expansion option via JBODs

Plenty of room to work for post production

Memory for 4K resolution and HDR motifs in post production

As a long-standing Starline customer, Kuckenberg Technologies’ decision in favour of a RAIDdeluxe system was therefore an easy one. Equipped with 64x 8 TB hard disks, the RDL-BD64F08 system was the right choice for such applications, especially since it delivers high data transfer rates and easily handles constant database access. Therefore it was also the ideal solution as storage for the requirements at Studio Hamburg Postproduction.

„Punctual delivery, very good contact to the dealer and fast help from the support.”
Frank Höwner, Studio Hamburg

Storage for the filmmakers with RAIDdeluxe

The RAIDdeluxe systems convince both by their good price-performance ratio, energy efficiency, independence of operating systems and the possibility to be used in different virtualization environments. In addition, additional storage capacity with a total of up to 256 hard disks can be provided via JBOD housings.

„The flexibility of the RAIDdeluxe, the easy studio integration into the existing SAN and the very reasonable price for the offered capacity and performance combined with the usual excellent technical support by Starline were convincing.”
Heinz Kuckenberg, Kuckenberg Technologies

Our solution

Starline therefore delivered the RAIDdeluxe system as requested by the customer. It was preconfigured with RAID level 6 and 2x 202 TB usable volume split into four RAID sets. The installation of the storage at Studio Hamburg Postproduction went smoothly. 

The new system could therefore be integrated into the existing IT infrastructure within one day. The measured data transfer rate at the time was around 850 megabytes per second. By the way, under StorNext 4.7, the storage composition also ran very well.

Service advantages

Benefit from the storage veterans

Full Service

On-site service or on-site installation can be booked - on request also within four hours (24 x 7 x 4).

Free Guidance

Our excellent email support and technical hotline are free of charge for our customers.

Smooth Customs Clearance

We take care of all official formalities and clarify import and export problems for you.

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