Thunderbolt storage system from Netstor for MacBook Pro users

Thunderbolt in practical use on Mac Pro with Netstor

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The creatives of the brand and design agency GSVI were truly pleased with the high performance and high storage capacity that their new RAID system from Netstor brought them. The NA333TB2 16-bay storage system with Thunderbolt port finally eliminated the media agency’s storage bottleneck. This was the reason for the successful cooperation between the IT consulting firm macworx and the storage integrator Starline.

  • High reliability with Netstor NA333TB2
  • High storage capacity with 16 drives
  • Fast host connection via Thunderbolt
  • Subsequent storage increase possible

A fast platform for working groups

Secure via RAID – fast through TB3 on MacBook

Gregor and Strozik Visual Identity GmbH (GSVI) is an owner-managed brand and design agency based in Bochum. GSVI works for national and international clients. Since the storage requirements are constantly growing, however, a new solution had to be considered. Because GSVI had exhausted the capacity of the Apple Xserve server with internal RAID, a fast and secure storage solution had to be found.

A direct Thunderbolt solution, saved the detour via a fibre channel bridge and could then be connected directly to the Mac Pro. Searching for a professional mass storage solution with Thunderbolt connection, the company macworx IT-Beratung, which is committed to this, found what it was looking for at Starline Computer GmbH. macworx worked out the right solution for the customer with the support of Starline.

The requirements for the new system were therefore defined: Fail-safe, high storage capacity – with the option of expansion, a Thunderbolt connection and a rackmount housing.

Thunderbolt storage from Netstor for Mac Pro users

The Apple Xserve was therefore replaced by a Mac Pro with 32 GB RAM and 512 GB internal SSDs. It then served as a file server for the sometimes large files of Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. The Netstor NA333TB2 with Thunderbolt-2 connectivity was a perfect match. Partially equipped with 8 hard disks – 4 TB each – the Netstor Storage enclosure thus offered a useful capacity of 24 TB with RAID 5 (1 x hot spare).

We are very satisfied with the performance and reliability of the system and Starline.

Thorsten Strozik, GSVI

The hard disks were controlled by an Areca RAID controller, which was installed in the Netstor housing as a PCIe plug-in card. The admin could also expand the system by adding another eight hard drives to a total of 16 drives.
The installation and commissioning of the new system was therefore carried out promptly: all data was copied over the weekend so that the creative work could continue without interruption.

Netstor’s products meet our expectations and those of our customers. Performance and reliability are exemplary.

Johannes Obst, macworx

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