Ambedded Mars 400 Ceph Webinar wrap-up - Starline Computer: Storage und Server Lösungen von erfahrenen Experten

Webinar recording of the Ceph-based Cluster-in-a-Box solution from February 2022.

In the recording, our experts would like to show you the many advantages of Ambedded’s power-saving 64-bit eight-microserver Ceph Storage Appliance Mars 400.

Mars 400 from Ambedded

Building a large scalable enterprise storage using Ambedded Ceph software defined Mars solution

Ambedded made a splash in the Ceph world at the time when they managed to fit eight independent nodes into a 1U server chassis. This is because each node works with its own power-saving ARM processor, its own hard drive and an additional M.2 SSD for journaling. The highlight: The administrator can declare each of these nodes or micro servers either as a storage node or as a monitor node.

This flexibility brings unimagined advantages, because even with three 1U servers, a complete HA clustercan be set up that keeps its data secure via erasure coding. But that’s not all: Thanks to the Unified Virtual Storage Manager (UVS 2.0) developed by Ambedded, users can set up this variability conveniently via GUI and with just a few clicks.

By the way, an Ambedded HA cluster – consisting of three Mars 400 servers – requires a total of less than 400 watts of power with 21 high-capacity hard disks, 24 SSDs, 24 processors on only three U.

Mars 400 is ideal for:

  • Big data analysis and machine learning
  • Hadoop applications for the telecommunications and energy industries
  • Cloud Storage Service, Backend Storage for OpenStack & Kubernetes
  • Edge data center for IoT applications such as sensor data aggregation
  • Data backup e.g. with Veeam
  • Database as a Service

Webinar details

Lecturers & Contact Persons:

Dominique Sun
Sales Marketing Director at Ambedded Technology Co., Ltd.

&  our Open Source Specialist and Engineer at Starline Computer GmbH

  • About the basic idea of Ceph
  • What is Ambedded Ceph storage solutions?
  • Mars 400 ARM server
  • ARM-based microserver architecture
  • Benefit on running Ceph Storage on Ambedded Micro-Server architecture
  • Plan your Ceph Cluster
  • UVS manager: A ceph management GUI to simplify your life with ceph storage
  • Architecture on different storage protocol support
  • Case Study & reference sharing
  • Q & A
Here you can find the YouTube recording!

How does the Ceph distributed file system work?

Our open source expert had previously addressed the topic of Ceph in a webinar. 
Here you can find another YouTube recording about it.

How does Ceph work?

Ambedded fully integrated

We would like to point out the successful interplay between Ceph and common virtualization environments:

Whitepaper: How to create backups of VMs under Hyper-V and VMware with Ceph via Veeam

We would also like to give you an example of how to use your Ceph installation in practice. A large commercial Internet platform is already successfully using servers from our Mars 400 line.

Case study: German Comparison shopping website relies on Ambedded

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Open Source Team

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