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NVMe possibilities: 23 gigabytes per second

New NVMe server with SupremeRAID™ controller

Our new data center dream team with outstanding performance

New NVMe server with SupremeRAID™ controller.

We would like to introduce you to an outstanding storage composition. It consists of a 1U chassis from Supermicro, an AMD CPU, plenty of RAM, a new RAID card – accelerated via GPU – and ten fast Enterprise SSDs. In this combination, the server offers 80 terabytes of raw capacity with incredible performance.

  • Unbridled NVMe performance
  • Reduced cabling effort
  • High IOPS rates
  • Saves CPU resources

Slim server with exorbitant performance

Enterprise NVMe SSDs with GRAID

Through this new technology – SupremeRAID™ and NVMe SSDs – this server not only gets a good boost, but the administrator can also reserve his CPU completely for his applications. If the tasks are simple, the user can save a lot of money by choosing a cheaper processor.

The NVMe SSDs are simply inserted into the NVMe chassis. Internal cabling to the RAID controller is therefore not necessary. All drives communicate directly with the system via the PCIe bus.


GPU booster for all RAID calculations

SupremeRAID™ and NVMe SSDs

SupremeRAID™ from GRAID Technology Inc., as an NVMe RAID card, provides the maximum available SSD performance for your data center. This enables record-breaking NVMe SSD or NVMeoF performance via RAID without compromising data security or business continuity.

This breakthrough solution finally eliminates the traditional performance bottleneck of conventional RAID cards when paired with NVMe SSDs. It is also the world’s first NVMeoF RAID solution: It therefore protects not only directly connected SSDs, but also those connected to the server via a JBOF (NVMe over Fabrics).


RAID controller with fast NVMe SSDs offloads the CPU

CPU resource-saving RAID performance

SupremeRAID™ handles all IO processing and the necessary RAID calculations within the system. Thus, the CPU can completely devote itself to its primary task. Advantage: Productivity increases and costs are reduced.

The selection of the RAID modes is easily done via command line. Thanks to the NVIDIA GPU, these operations are performed within seconds.

New SupremeRAID™ SR-1010: The World’s Fastest NVMe & NVMeoF RAID Card for PCIe Gen 4

Highly Competent

Experienced and trained technicians do performance and functional checks and offer quick help in case of failure.

Proven compatibility

We know which components work together because we test the connectivity extensively in advance.

Highly Experienced

Starline has been active in the sector since 1982 and is a specialist in all aspects of data storage. 

High Availability

Sales: You can reach us weekdays from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm (Fr. 4:30 pm). Support: Assistance from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (Fr. 4:30 pm) 

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