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NVMe tuning with Infortrend GS U.2

Infortrend accelerates Unified NVMe storage EonStor GS U.2 to 1 million IOPS

NVMe storage EonStor GS U.2 from Infortrend

Infortrend has given its EonStor GS series a model update and also released a U.2 version. The highly scalable U.2 NVMe SSD systems support both block and file storage. This allows them to flexibly adapt to the constantly growing storage requirements of users in terms of capacity and performance in a linear manner.

EonStor GS is recommended as Unified SAN/NAS storage for various enterprise work environments such as databases, virtualization, media post-production or file sharing. Even before that, the GS family shone with high elasticity in the area of capacity and performance. In the end, it could be set up as a solid storage base right from the initial setup, and could easily be expanded with additional GS-RAID systems as needed.


  • Powerful, but easy to use
  • Integrated cloud solution
  • Intelligent SSD optimization
  • Free software licenses until 31.12.21

U.2 NVMe All-Flash High Performance Solution

In addition, the new U.2 GS series with its fast NVMe drives not only accelerates data processing through high IOPS performance, but also impresses with very low latencies. For example, systems from the GS 2000U, GS 3000U or GS 4000U families achieve up to 1 million IOPS and a data throughput of 20 GB/s. Moreover, these Infortrend series already form a cluster with up to 4 devices.

In terms of platform, new GS systems fit smoothly into namespaces for Windows, Linux or MacOS users who can access them via CIFS and NFS protocols. In addition, auto-balancing significantly simplifies their IT management by distributing data to be stored evenly across all GS systems.

Hybrid Storage: Optimal use of storage

To further increase cost efficiency, the All-Flash U.2 GS systems with hard disk JBODs, because via auto-tiering it migrates “hot” and already processed data conveniently between the high-performance SSDs and budget-friendly HDDs.

In terms of data security, the new U.2 GS systems also have a lot to offer: Dual controllers, power loss protection, multiple RAID levels available, fast snapshots with minimal footprint, and remote replication to the public cloud. The GS-series also uses an intelligent algorithm to extend the life of SSDs, prevents SSDs from failing simultaneously, and notifies users so they can replace SSDs in a timely way.

Special offer: Free software licenses included

The highlight: For the launch of the advanced U.2 GS systems, Infortrend is offering a special offer. Until December 31, 2021, customers who purchase GS systems (and DS systems as well) will receive optional data services such as SSD caching, auto-tiering, local/remote replication, file snapshot and scale-out free of charge. In addition, buyers even get a warranty extension from three to five years.


The All-Flash U.2 SSD Unified Storage from Infortrend presented here are available from us right now. Our recommended net price for a partially populated EonStor GS 2024URM1-D8 with eight SSDs and a gross capacity of 7,680 GB is EUR 25,385 .–

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