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Over 2000 SAS devices with only 7 watts

Securely controlled JBODs, RAID storage and tape systems: With ATTO ExpressSAS H1280 GT

ExpressSAS HBA for 4.0 PCIe bus from ATTO

Starline has added ATTO’s new HBA for HA requirements to its range. With its eight external ports, the low-profile manager controls up to 2048 SAS devices and requires only one single PCIe 4.0 slot.

ATTO’s new HBA (host bus adapter) feels at home in DAS environments: The low-profile adapter is perfect for high-performance computing and offers many options for connecting JBODs, RAID storage and tape systems.


The new edition of the ExpressSAS H1280 HBA model as a GT version was necessary due to the new PCIe standard. Since the 4.0 PCIe bus has gained significant speed, the HBAs also had to accommodate its increased performance. After all, in the fourth generation, the range is now doubling again with 16 Gbps per lane.

The host bus adapter is docked on the other side via two external miniSAS HD connectors (SFF8644) with 48 Gbps each. Cable lengths of up to one metre with SATA can be supplied via these ports. Using SAS, 10 metres are possible via passive copper at 12 Gbit/s. An active-optical cable can even bridge 100 metres.

ATTO still impresses with its Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) technology. It manages any latencies that occur in the data stream, thus avoiding peaks and dropouts. In addition, ADS accelerates transmissions to and from the periphery in order to move even large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.

  • Capable of 3 million 4KB IOPS
  • At only 7 watts, the H1280GT consumes extremely low amounts of energy
  • Built-in PowerCenter Pro provides RAID 0, 1, 1e and 10 for improved performance and data protection
  • Its fast x8 PCIe 4.0 host interface is also backwards compatible with PCIe 3.0
  • Automatic adaptation to SAS and SATA transfer rates
  • Supplied slot brackets enable use with low-profile and full height enclosures

Driver support for ATTO ExpressSAS HBA

As usual, ATTO is widely positioned for driver supply. All major operating systems are provided: besides Windows, Windows Server, macOS, VMware ESXi Server, FreeBSD and illumos, ATTO also delivers drivers for the Linux distributions of SUSE (SLES), Red Hat (RHEL), CentOS and Fedora. In addition, the peripherals specialist will also provide its practical ConfigTool for local administration as well as for remote management for Windows, macOS, VMware and Linux platforms.

For this reason, but also because of ATTO’s excellent quality management, the HBAs are particularly suitable for transactional environments such as banking and finance, business intelligence, cloud computing and database applications.


Availability & Prices

The HBA ExpressSAS H-1280GT presented here is already available from Starline. Starline can also provide other models from the ExpressSAS series at short notice.

All HBA models of the ATTO series with different port options

ATTO ExpressSAS H12F0 GT
with 16 external ports, 4x miniSAS HD (x4) SFF-8644 (570 €)

ATTO ExpressSAS H120F GT
with 16 internal ports, 4x miniSAS HD (x4) SFF-8643 (570 €)

ATTO ExpressSAS H1280 GT
with 8 external ports, 2x miniSAS HD (x4) SFF-8644 (380 €)

ATTO ExpressSAS H1208 GT
with 8 internal ports, 2x miniSAS HD (x4) SFF-8643 (380 €)

ATTO ExpressSAS H1244 GT
with 4 internal and 4 external ports, 2x miniSAS HD (x4) SFF-8643 & SFF-8644 (380 €)

ATTO ExpressSAS H1288 GT
with 8 internal and 8 external ports, 4x miniSAS HD (x4) SFF-8643 & SFF-8644 (570 €)


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Marketing & PR

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