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Case Study of Successful Deployment of Fast NVMe SSDs from Western Digital®.

A lot sometimes actually helps a lot

How to give your systems a new boost with Western Digital® SSDs.

Starline partner dve advanced systems GmbH from Aschheim in Bavaria needed a solution for a customer in the post-production sector of the film and media industry. Although the customer in question had already been equipped with an all-flash system, even its performance was not sufficient.

Your benefits Western Digital® NVMe SSDs

  • Easy transition from SATA drives to NVMe SSDs
  • Up to sixfold increase in data throughput
  • Optimal relationship between price and performance
  • Flexible use in different application scenarios possible

Tracking down the eye of the needle

The Starline technicians assigned to this task quickly came to the conclusion that the network connection with 10 Gbps Ethernet should basically be fast enough for the desired applications. They clearly located the bottleneck in the SATA drives used.

And this is where they finally came in: Instead of using SATA SSDs, which together can deliver around 2 Gbps in a network, the new test server was replaced by fast NVMe counterparts from Western Digital® from the Ultrastar® DC SN640 series.

The reason: NVMe SSDs connect to the PCIe bus via adapter card and OCulink SFF-8611 interconnect, providing 32 Gbps gross data rate per drive on four lanes. In total, the technicians were even able to measure 4 gigabytes per second user data rate on the test server mentioned.


Mit Hi-Speed SSDs von Western Digital® an den Bus

For the testers of dve advanced systems GmbH, this was a coherent solution, which also represented a perfect solution for the demanding customer order. Now the post production on 20 workstations could be supplied with uncompressed 4K streams simultaneously in real time.

Read our case study to find out how much data the server had to handle and what software was used.

Read the case study


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