Xsan now available in Infortrend DS systems

Infortrend DS in the Apple Xsan network

Infortrend’s fast, high-capacity, low-cost DS systems now master Xsan. Starline can now also provide editing studios and media houses with the Xsan comfort for editing video/audio material in this constellation. Partner Archiware also adds an effective synchronisation of the important production data.

Apple’s Xsan clustered file system or Storage Area Network allows multiple desktop computers and Xserve systems to share common RAID storage volumes. As infrastructure, for example, 25 Gbps Ethernet or 16 or 32 Gbps Fibre Channel can be considered.
RAID systems from Infortrend’s DS series will also be able to handle Xsan, providing shared storage for studios and production houses. Of course, their advantages are also included: Support for large files and file systems, multiple mounted volumes, failover of the metadata controller for fault tolerance, and support for multiple operating systems.

Xsan backup for Infortrend with Archiware

In addition, there is an on top protection from our partner Archiware: Its software module P5 Synchronize guarantees the security of a running production around the clock. It is able to continuously monitor the data and replicate changes to a storage target. In addition, older file versions or even entire snapshots are easily accessible with P5 Synchronize.

This highly efficient storage of Xsan volumes is made possible by the FSEvents API. The Archiware module therefore does not have to scan the entire database for minutes, but immediately registers all changes in the directory tree. This way P5 Synchronize achieves almost real-time data availability.

In addition, Archiware P5 Backup and P5 Archive are available for backup and archiving to tape, hard disk or the cloud – P5 Archive even with previews in the media catalog.

Suitable periphery for docking

In order to reach the RAID systems in the network with adequate speed, the fast host bus adapters from the Starline portfolio of ATTO are particularly suitable. In the 25 Gbps Ethernet family, for example, FastFrame 3 cards are ideally suited for media and entertainment applications such as video post-production, finishing and imaging through congestion control and CPU offloading.

For Fibre Channel, ATTO’s Celerity line provides an advanced connectivity solution that combines high performance with intelligent features and high scalability.

Other RAID systems with Xsan support from Starline

The ARC-8050T3 SAN from Areca is especially Apple-affin equipped. With its five to nine Thunderbolt3 ports, it even supplies small offices or workgroups. Through these many ports, he brings along his own team infrastructure: Plug in the cable, that’s it. With 24 built-in drives, the storage space is sufficient for even the largest projects. In addition, the administrator can add a Mac Mini on the back, which then acts as a separate server.

Markus Wölfel

Public Relations Manager and Marketing Representative of Starline