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Our development department has designed inexpensive network storage in the NASdeluxe series 5000F and 6000F for different load scenarios for you. You can get these sophisticated TrueNAS (formaly FreeNAS) servers from us. From a professional point of view, they are missing nothing. Even with an excellent backup option to disk, tape and into the cloud.

The successful F-Series of NASdeluxe is based on the free storage operating system TrueNAS. Its outstanding features speak for themselves: This means that a platform-independent design enables access across many protocols. For example, TrueNAS can handle SMB/CIFS, NFS, AFP, FTP, iSCSI and WebDAV.

Important reasons to buy a TrueNAS server?

Even more important is the great file system ZFS, since RAID protection is virtually built into it. For example, ZFS snapshots can also be used to create remote backups, because replicating snapshots on a remote ZFS installation creates a complete duplicate. Moreover, ZFS volumes are protected by advanced AES-XTS encryption.

In addition, a TrueNAS appliance from these series can also be equipped with additional functions via an extensive library. For instance, third-party plug-ins enable media streaming, alternative protocols or various web applications.

In the multilingual web interface, important settings can be made quickly. It also makes it easier to install and administer the complex system, whether it is creating volumes, setting permissions or installing software updates.

  • Platform independent
  • OpenZFS
  • Virtualized
  • platform independent:
    Guaranteed platform independence thanks to the many supported protocols including SMB/CIFS, NFS, AFP, FTP, iSCSI and WebDAV. iSCSI also enables VMware VAAI, Microsoft ODX and Microsoft Windows Server clustering.
  • OpenZFS:
    The protection of the data is guaranteed by the ingenious ZFS file system. With RAID-Z1, it offers single parity protection like RAID 5 – but without its disadvantages. Nevertheless, we always recommend double protection with RAID-Z2.
  • Virtualized:
    TrueNAS also supports virtualization environments. A VM can be created and run on the NAS in no time.
TrueNAS on servers from Starline

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The right setup for every need

The hardware can be used just as flexibly. The first in the newly released 6000 series is the NASdeluxe NDL-6704T/F – a cube system. The built-in mini-ITX mainboard competently handles the imposed tasks with its G4600 Pentium Dual Core processor in 3.6 GHz clock speed. The administrator can insert up to four SFF/LFF drives (hard drives or SSDs) into the small housing. There is also no lack of interfaces: With VGA, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, PS2, M.2, miniSAS and PCIe slot, the user can implement all the varieties of a modern storage appliance.

The 5000 series hardware platform is based on dual socket boards with Skylake microarchitecture from Intel. This processor generation offers not only significantly lower power consumption but also considerable advantages in terms of performance. In combination with the up to two terabytes of main memory that can be inserted into the 16 memory banks of the Supermicro motherboard, performance bottlenecks should no longer arise so quickly.

TrueNAS Backup for servers from Starline

TrueNAS-Backup to any platform

Backup and restore without hurdle

We have also developed a backup solution for this at enterprise level: Bundled with Archiware P5, our TrueNAS solutions back up to external disks, durable LTO tapes or conveniently to the cloud. The successful plugin runs in the background on the TrueNAS server and offers options such as filtering by data type, incremental backups and cloning. For LTO users, Archiware has even integrated the LTFS format to make it easier to navigate on large tapes. This means that no further software or drivers are required for LTO management.

Furthermore, the P5 Companion App that runs on the workstation allows you to back up and restore data simply by drag’n’drop. The only requirement: a Windows, Mac or Linux operating system. It couldn’t have been simpler.

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Where can I get the serial number of the system?
We will gladly search for the corresponding information for you. For complete systems, please send us the serial number of one of the installed drives (HDDs/SSDs) to and we will find out the number.
Why should I buy from Starline?
As an independent company, Starline offers servers and storage systems “Made in Germany”. All devices are put through their paces before they leave our premises. In addition, we offer free advice before purchase and free technical support afterwards – even after the warranty has expired.
What makes Starline better than an A-brand?
With Starline, you’re not on the literal hook once you’ve bought something. Starline is an independent medium-sized company that produces servers and storage systems in Germany. Our suppliers – from cables to screws to SSDs – have to undergo internal benchmarking by our technicians and are only included in the program when their performance is beyond doubt. We also rely on cross-manufacturer standards and not on isolated solutions. Moreover, all systems assembled by us are put through their paces before leaving our premises. And last but not least: We look after them whenever you want – for example, even before the purchase with free advice and also afterwards with free technical support.


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