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Data manager for redundancy in the Gigabit range

Hardware RAID controller for special loads

Fast and secure: RAID controller Hardware

If you want to manage several drives in such a way that they store the data with the highest reliability, you need a dedicated hardware RAID controller. These data managers master the art of duplicating and distributing individual data blocks in such a way that no byte is ever lost.

Software-RAID-Funktionen sind zwar inzwischen in beinahe jedem Bios/Uefi zu finden. Der Pferdefuß: Ihre Arbeit geht zu Lasten der Gesamtperformance des Prozessors und wirkt sich oft auch negativ auf den Datendurchsatz aus. Darüber hinaus ist es ratsam – wie in der realen Welt – den Profis so einen wichtigen Job zu überlassen.

The hardware RAID controllers contain a lot of intelligence: They have the task of managing the connected drives and thus the read and write accesses, as well as storing data redundantly on them. The PCIe plug-in cards and also the externally connectable models are able to do this without affecting the performance of the hosting server.


Hardware RAID controller for the PCIe Gen 4.0 bus

With our hardware RAID controllers, however, not only the performance is decisive, but also the caching, the number of RAID levels, internal and external connection options, the user interface, behaviour in case of power failure and the number of drives to be managed as well as the possible hard disk capacities.

Thanks to high-speed RAID engines, chipset as ROC, current DDR memory and the fastest bus technologies, Areca RAID controllers, for example, achieve new levels of performance and show what is technically possible in a storage array with fast data transfers to the host.


From SATA to SSD to Tri-Mode: Powerful Hardware RAID Controller

Starline has both 6 Gbps SATA models and 12 Gbps fast SAS models in its range. We carry Areca, ATTO, Highpoint and Broadcom/LSI for up to 512 data carriers. In the latest version, our tri-mode adapters even manage NVMe drives – also in mixed operation. Thus, our controllers can be integrated into any modern data center infrastructure and current operating systems. So we can cover every need in the company and in the data center for servers, high-end workstations, Mac systems and of course for virtualization.

Your advantages with Starline:

  • High data security for SSDs and hard drives
  • Dedicated processor for high data transfer rates
  • Own, buffered cache against data loss
  • Optimized drivers for highest performance

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