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Infortrends EonStor GS System with Cloud Integration

Integrated cloud solution as Unified Storage System

Powerful memory with flexible approach

Infortrend’s EonStor GS series of storage solutions from Infortrend enable you to purchase a unified storage architecture that consolidates SAN, NAS and cloud into a single system.

Unified Storage Architecture and Cloud Gateway integrate the flexibility of file and block-based data storage and the unlimited scalability of storage capacity thanks to cloud integration.

As a unified storage system with cloud integration, the Infortrend EonStor GS enables companies to use storage space as file-, block- and object-based storage. Optimal for structured and unstructured data. This not only simplifies the provision and management of different file types, but also reduces the costs incurred by integrating a powerful cloud gateway into a unified storage system.


Unified Storage with Cloud Gateway

Thanks to its integrated Intelligent Cloud Gateway Engine, EonStor GS unified storage systems can be configured as a cloud storage cache. This way, they keep active data locally and move inactive data to the cloud. Thus, the flexibility of the cloud, its unlimited scalability and guaranteed availability is optimally used. Currently the following cloud service providers are supported among others: Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Clouds and Alibaba AliCloud.

EonStor GS unified storage systems support numerous SSD and hybrid storage configurations. They achieve performance levels that were previously promised but never achieved, with, for example, over 450K IOPS and a permanent data throughput of 11,000 MB/s at block level, and 6,600 MB/s at file level. In addition, they offer comprehensive data services such as automated storage tiering, SSD cache, local and remote replication, file-level rsync and intelligent drive recovery (IDR).

A flexible solution for different workloads

  • A unified storage solution for all cases – SAN, NAS and Cloud combined in one system
  • SSDs can be used in the hybrid storage array either as cache or tiering
  • Modular host configuration in SAN environments with Fibre Channel, iSCSI, InfiniBand and SAS
  • Fast Ethernet is possible between one and 40GbE

High performance flexibly designed

Powerful and efficient all-round high performance

With powerful hardware and optimized firmware, the GS Series effectively integrates many protocol families. In the file area, for example with CIFS/SMB, NFS, AFP and FTP as well as with Fiber Channel, iSCSI and SAS at block level.

Through their integration and the utilization of Intel’s multi-core CPUs, the EonStor GS family offers not only outstanding flexibility but also incredible performance in both all-flash and hybrid versions. In addition, functions such as SSD caching enable protocol conversion between local NAS/SAN and the cloud.


Buy the Infortrend GS Series variability

Automated memory tiering ensures exceptional performance at every level of operation. Deduplication and compression also offer efficient use of available bandwidth while reducing overall costs.

With specialized EonStor sub-families - GSe in the basic segment, GSe Pro as a desktop solution and GSi for compute-intensive GPU challenges - users can still find the right storage solution for their needs. 

The GSe subseries has always represented the entry level. Despite some exceptions, it will complement the GS series with its dual controllers in the single controller segment in the future.


System under control

User-friendly administration via EonOne for GS included

From the further development in the Infortrend storage platforms, the developers distilled the effective EonOne for GS management software especially for the EonStor GS line. It makes it easier for users to manage systems while improving storage and service efficiency. The intuitive interface design thus enables centralized management of several systems at the same time. This means that the administrator always has performance and capacities in view and can quickly adapt all system configurations.


App Store on Docker

Using sophisticated applications for themselves

In addition, there are templates for various Docker Container images such as for artificial intelligence (AI), for Internet of Things (IoT), for video surveillance and much more. They also contain the appropriate Docker Container Images – including parameters of the execution environment. These templates also allow you to install and run Docker Containers quickly and with little effort.

Form factors en mass

Space-saving space utilization

Infortrend offers in this – as well as in other product families – a variety of housing variants and expansion options. 2U with 12 drives, 2U in 24 or 25 bay configuration, 3U with 16 media, 4U with 24 bays or even a 4U 60 bay giant. This allows companies to effectively use the limited space available for IT applications and, if necessary, to expand it.


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