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Proxmox VE: Three requirements – one enterprise solution

Virtualize server, network and storage in a single open source environment


Linux, LXC, Ceph, QEMU und ZFS zum Anfassen

Modern storage technologies united under one interface: Proxmox VE virtualization

As a complete open source solution for enterprise virtualization, Proxmox VE initially handles both KVM hypervisors and LXC containers. It also provides software-defined storage and networking functionality integrated on a single platform.

By the way, you can also easily administer all of this via the central WebGUI: This makes it easy to run VMs and containers or to set up software-defined storage resources and virtual networks. High-availability clusters and several out-of-the-box tools such as backup/restore, live migration, storage replication or the integrated firewall are also configured there in no time at all.

  • Virtualization and storage solution in one system
  • Fully software-defined architecture
  • Supports two virtualization methods: KVM Hypervisor and Linux Container (LXC)
  • High-Availability (HA) Cluster Manager

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Everything under one hood

By combining two virtualization technologies on a single platform, Proxmox VE provides maximum flexibility to your data center’s bottom line. Proxmox VE provides highly available security through its unique multi-master design.

The highlight: For this reason, there is no need for an additional management server. This not only saves resources, the high availability (HA) is achieved by Proxmox VE insofar without single point of failure (SPOF).


Completely transparent

Moreover, the powerful Proxmox VE environment is highly valued by enterprises, especially for easy installation, management and monitoring of hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI). After all, it combines multiple authentication sources with role-based user and privilege management, and also provides full control over your HA cluster.

Conclusion: The future-proof and open development model of our Proxmox VE solution – installed on three identical server chassis with AMD Epyc or Intel Cascade Lake architecture – guarantees maximum flexibility and security as well as full access to the product’s source code.


Your benefits

Why Proxmox VE from Starline?

Quick Delivery Capability

The shipment goes out immediately after the order is placed. Our production assembles servers and storage systems in no time.

Free Consulting

You will receive skilled technical advice from Starline - by e-mail, telephone and, if required, via TeamViewer.

Open Source

We often rely on open source software. In addition to low costs, we also value transparency, security and independence.

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Thomas Heigl

Project Manager from the Enterprise Storage Solutions Team - our specialists for large projects.