Webinar: Explore Archiware P5 & TrueNAS with our storage experts

Archiware P5 orchestrates TrueNAS servers with LTO technology

Our enterprise-level backup and archive solutions provide all-around protection for your data: Bundled with Archiware P5, our TrueNAS/FreeNAS servers back up to external disks, durable LTO tapes or conveniently to the cloud.

We would like to present this successful composition of solid industrial hardware from Supermicro and Overland/Tandberg, the free software TrueNAS and the precisely coordinated plugins from Archiware to you in a webinar. After all, Starline made this integrative solution in this form possible in the first place. In addition, the storage and server specialist offers excellent support – even 24 x 7 x 4 if necessary.

TrueNAS Webinar Archiware

In our webinar, we demonstrate how well the interaction of the individual components works in a live demo recorded under real conditions. David Fox, technical director of the British software distributor and cloud specialist JPY, led the approximately one-hour webinar. Our software engineer Mohammad Ammar went into the technical details of the Archiware implementation he developed.

The webinar took place on July 21, 2021.

More detailed information about our Archiware solution

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On-site service or on-site installation can be booked. The service also includes assistance within four hours (24 x 7 x 4) on request.

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Open Source

We often rely on open source software because we appreciate its transparency, security and independence in addition to its low operating costs.

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Proven compatibility

We know which components work together because we extensively test the products and their connectivity in advance.

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Innovative products

Our product managers and technicians are constantly searching for sophisticated server and storage products.

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We regularly review our work and internal processes and are eager to improve where things go wrong.

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We do not deliver solutions “off the shelf”. All servers and storage systems designed by us are assembled by hand in our production site.

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Our employees are at your side: From the beginning you will receive detailed advice from personal contact persons. They are available as well as our technical support five days a week. We even offer a 24x7x4 service.

From service contracts and customs clearance to financing models – we offer everything from one source.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers

What about spare parts after the warranty period?
We are proud of our large inventory and like to shine with it. So if you have an older system that you need a replacement part for, we can very likely supply it. We keep hardware on hand long after the warranty period has expired. This is because we also take care in our product selection to provide support for as long as possible.
I have a more complex request from a customer, can you help?
For sure! This request is tailor-made for our Enterprise Storage Solutions department. Here, solutions are developed on a daily basis and tailored to specific requirements. Our experts will be happy to advise you. If necessary, in a three-way conference with your customer. If necessary, we can even organize a try&buy or a test setup to find out what the problem is. You are also always welcome to attend one of our workshops. Here, the systems are presented in detail and you can ask questions at any time.
Do you also have small and cheap solutions?
Of course, we can also offer you each component separately. Among the ready-made systems, the offer starts with a 4-bay RAID system and a small server, also equipped with four drives.
Who do you supply?
Starline mainly sells to resellers. That is, system houses that install these systems at a customer’s site or resell them in turn.
Does Starline deliver complete solutions?
Starline supplies everything your heart desires in the server and storage sector. If you wish, we can also create a concept for integrating the new system into your existing network and supervise the installation. A detailed documentation after completion of the work is also part of our services.
What makes Starline better than an A-brand?
With Starline, you’re not on the literal hook once you’ve bought something. Starline is an independent medium-sized company that produces servers and storage systems in Germany. Our suppliers – from cables to screws to SSDs – have to undergo internal benchmarking by our technicians and are only included in the program when their performance is beyond doubt. We also rely on cross-manufacturer standards and not on isolated solutions. Moreover, all systems assembled by us are put through their paces before leaving our premises. And last but not least: We look after them whenever you want – for example, even before the purchase with free advice and also afterwards with free technical support.

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This proven expert for Linux and Ceph platforms joined Starline in 2018. His preference is for sophisticated open source solutions and tricky product developments. Therefore, he is also available for enquiries regarding PetaSAN and TrueNAS (formerly FreeNAS). But he also likes ARM servers from Ambedded or Mac operating systems. In his private life, the engineer enjoys working with 3D printers and robots.

Mohammad Ammar
Technical Support