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Water ingress in the server room

The fact that the Austrian video specialist still managed to avoid this super disaster is thanks to the competent help from Starline technology.

Rescue of the complete data stock after water ingress

Worst case scenario for server room accident

From an IT point of view, flooding the server room is one of the worst accidents to be expected. In fact, this happened to a film producer and Starline customer in the summer of 2017. The Starline technicians were even able to overcome this damage to the Austrian video user without any data loss.

  • Flooded easyRAID system with 
    16 hard disks
  • Rust at the interfaces
  • Lime deposits in the drive bays

The aging easyRAID storage system with 16 hard disks performed reliably until the time of the incident, storing raw data and various cut versions. After all, a film studio brings together a lot of material – be it videos of weddings, birthdays or company celebrations. 

Meanwhile, the sudden rupture of a water pipe above the server room shocked the managing director: The power failed and water ran into the docked storage system. To make matters worse, the important backup tapes were also stored in the same room.

Last lifeline for the easyRAID customer: Starline Computer GmbH, where he had bought the system years before. And so the head of technology, Dipl.-Ing. Konrad Beyer, personally devoted himself to the delicate incident.

Analysis after water ingress in the server room

First he had the hard disks removed and tested individually. The analysis showed that all drives were indeed still addressable. Since Starline keeps older hardware in stock for exactly such purposes, the hard disks could be restarted in an identical system. In the subsequent test run it was even possible to restore the RAID sets. Thus not only – as requested by the customer – the most important data were reconstructed, but all of them.

After one and a half days the reading and copying of the data was finally done. The technicians were able to recover all data fragments and films from the old RAID system and transfer them to another RAID system.

The flooded easyRAID system, however, could also be put back into operation after drying and an extensive test. It had actually survived the water ingress in the server room – despite rust at the interfaces and lime deposits in the drive bays.


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