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Affordable server upgRAID

Retrofit redundancy – with front-accessible drives for servers or workstations

Retrofit redundancy with easyRAID

Our smart solutions for retrofitting or additional RAID security operate under the brand name easyRAID.

For a secure system start – if necessary also for later retrofitting – we have our clever easyRAID mirror controllers M2S620 and M2S600 in our program. They can easily be implanted in one or two CD-ROM slots of a server. They already have the necessary RAID controller built in. All that needs to be connected is a SATA cable and a power supply.

Finally, the administrator can set the desired RAID mode via a dip switch on the back: RAID0 for striping and thus combining the HDDs into a high-performance large-volume storage or RAID1 for secure mirroring of the installed drives.

Advantages of an easyRAID mirror controller

  • RAID0 (striping) or RAID1 (mirroring)
  • Lockable interchangeable frames
  • HDD status can be read on the display
  • Separate and quiet cooling
  • RS232 interface for monitoring
  • Occupies one or two CD-ROM bays (SFF/LFF)

Electronically and physically secured

Retrofit stable drive bays with easyRAID

Our models each have two lockable removable frames, so that accidental removal of the data media is effectively prevented.

Of course, we also have replacement trays in our portfolio, in case you want to use the server with other operating systems or store other data on it.


Controlled RAID drives

Redundant easyRAID systems always in view

The built-in display and LED indicators allow the user to check the status of the drives at any time. Faults are also signalled by an acoustic warning signal.

As an additional option, the mirror controllers have a serial interface (RS232) which allows continuous external monitoring.

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