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Small storage solutions with South Pole experience

Compact systems with up to 12 drives for SMB professionals

Areca RAID systems for SMEs

Areca’s storage line is perfectly suited for freelancers with high data volume and limited space.

Do you need flexible and also secure RAID systems in the smallest space? Areca’s desktop RAID models are quiet, high-capacity, expandable, and yet can be used anywhere thanks to their compact dimensions. These robust little creatures have even been used with documentary filmmakers at the South Pole. They are available in a wide variety of models – be it with 48 Gbit/s miniSAS, 40 Gbit/s Thunderbolt3 as well as with 10 Gbit/s USB host port.

Areca also focuses on performance on the drive side. HDDs and SSDs, for example, are docked via a RAID controller with a speed of up to 12 Gbit/s. Equipped with enterprise hard disks and SSDs, the RAID systems delivered exceptionally high transfer rates in internal tests. But due to their powerful hardware components, they not only deliver consistently high data transfer rates. They also boast sophisticated RAID security features.

Compact RAID systems from Areca

The compact storage cubes are still suitable for those who need to have large amounts of data quickly available at individual workstations. This is especially true for the media industry, for example in audio or video editing as well as in photo composing.

Since there must be no disturbing noises, the Areca engineers installed an intelligent cooling system. It continuously adapts to environmental conditions by automatically controlling the speed of the brushless fan.

A broad operating system support for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and macOS finally ensures a universal use in the most different structures.

  • Available with four to twelve drive bays
  • Expandable to hundreds of drives via SAS expansion port (depending on model)
  • High transfer rates to the host
  • optional protection of the cache content per Battery Backup Unit (BBU)
  • Clear management interface via browser
  • LC-Display, LED and acoustic alarm

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Why Areca from Starline?

Starline has stood for quality in the storage sector since 1982. We are at your side with our decades of experience in data storage and server systems.

Quick Delivery Capability

The shipment goes out immediately after the order is placed. Our production assembles servers and storage systems in no time.

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Sales: You can reach us weekdays from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm (Fr. 4:30 pm). Support: Assistance from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (Fr. 4:30 pm) 

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Our product managers and technicians are constantly searching for sophisticated server and storage products.

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You will receive skilled technical advice from Starline - by e-mail, telephone and, if required, via TeamViewer.

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We are committed only to you - the customer - and therefore always offer the best solution for you.

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On-site service or on-site installation can be booked - on request also within four hours (24 x 7 x 4).

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Starline has been active in the sector since 1982 and is a specialist in all aspects of data storage. 

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Experienced and trained technicians do performance and functional checks and offer quick help in case of failure.

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